We have a date for Flow Perth 4!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Aug 19th -21st - Flow Perth 4 - be there!!!

The Flow Perth Crew continue to amaze and inspire me!! We have a date for Flow Perth 4 - helping out the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) here in WA. The crew have been busy creating

  • An analysis pack to ensure we get to the outcomes for each pre-event workshop
  • A social media calendar to get out message out there and gain more traction with supporters and volunteers
  • The logistics plan to ensure everything runs smoothly

All of the above is now in one single plan/view - which is just incredible! These people are giving up their time and skills to ensure that @FlowPerth is sustainable for the future, which means we can help more and more not-for-profits.


We are also lucky enough to have:

Bankwest, our primary sponsor, continue their funding; Sarah Fong Photography to support us by taking loads of great pics and further developing our website and @UncleJoesMess continue to cater for us even with new ownership!! Cheree, great stuff - really looking forward to working together and eating some amazing food on the weekend!  http://unclejoes.com.au/

Next up, we need YOU! Skilled volunteers to help us make Flow Perth 4 a MASSIVE success!!

Let's do this!