Flow Perth in Cahoots!

Super excited to announce that Flow Perth will be helping Cahoots on the 21st July 2017!

We've spent time understanding the top 5 problems that they face and will be looking to make this the biggest and bets Flow Peth yet!

The Cahoots team are a brilliant, dynamic and forward thinking group who are really looking to make a step change in the organisation.

Problem statement and skills required to follow.

I'll be working on getting the marketing material together and lets bring our A game!

 What a team!

What a team!

Welcome 2017

After having an amazing 2 week staycation, Xmas and New Year, I am back on board and ready to see what we can achieve this year!!

We have a couple of charities who have reached out to us at the end of 2016 so we will see some Flow Perth movement in the next couple of months!

My top self improvement missions for Flow Perth for 2017:

1. To better understand how social works and how I can add value while on the move to give Flow Perth greater exposure and hopefully more events!!

2. To add content (blog/social) about Flow Perth every 2 weeks.

3. To get 2 Flow Perth events in 1 year (a first)

Lets go get em!!

Happy 2017!

That's a wrap!

So Flow Perth 4 has whizzed by and what a great experience & learning!!

We added bundles of value to better improve networking at business events!

Everyone who volunteered was INCREDIBLE and we are so lucky to have such wonderful support, skilled volunteers and can-do attitude here in Perth WA!

Some highlights of the weekend:

1. A clickable prototype to increase the value of networking at business events

2. A framework for event logistics and event designs to amplify the networking experience

3. A pitch deck & transition plan to support further investment to get the prototype to an MVP

4. Five real businesses joined us for a working lunch and their engagement shaped the above solutions

5. We canned 3 green fields ideas after minimal time invested as we could see the value in other areas of focus.

Well done Flow Perth volunteers, Flow Perth Crew, Uncles Joes Mess & Bankwest for your continued support, which allows us to keep bringing the MAGIC!



We have a date for Flow Perth 4!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Aug 19th -21st - Flow Perth 4 - be there!!!

The Flow Perth Crew continue to amaze and inspire me!! We have a date for Flow Perth 4 - helping out the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) here in WA. The crew have been busy creating

  • An analysis pack to ensure we get to the outcomes for each pre-event workshop
  • A social media calendar to get out message out there and gain more traction with supporters and volunteers
  • The logistics plan to ensure everything runs smoothly

All of the above is now in one single plan/view - which is just incredible! These people are giving up their time and skills to ensure that @FlowPerth is sustainable for the future, which means we can help more and more not-for-profits.


We are also lucky enough to have:

Bankwest, our primary sponsor, continue their funding; Sarah Fong Photography to support us by taking loads of great pics and further developing our website and @UncleJoesMess continue to cater for us even with new ownership!! Cheree, great stuff - really looking forward to working together and eating some amazing food on the weekend!  http://unclejoes.com.au/

Next up, we need YOU! Skilled volunteers to help us make Flow Perth 4 a MASSIVE success!!

Let's do this!


Flow Perth and CCI get together

Well, what a great week we had! Here are the highlights:

  • Flow Perth get the structured analysis approach documented (a key step in making us sustainable)
  • Flow Perth head out to visit CCI for our second round of analysis
  • Rikki-Lee has a gorgeous baby!!! Congratulations to our wonderful event organiser!! So happy for you all xx

Thank you to Ryan, Sham, Matt, Vindya & Sarah for your efforts in co-ordinating and running a successful workshop down at CCI!! Looking to be ready for an event in Aug? Watch this space...

Have a great week all.


Flow Perth Crew kick off 2016

2016 is a big year for Flow Perth!

We have rallied around our vision, mission and purpose.

Already we have engaged 2 not-for-profits to assist later this year.

Now the rubber hits the road and we meet for our first 'official' crew meeting. I'm super excited and privileged to spend time with the Flow Perth Crew - they are a brilliant bunch on a mission - to create a place where skilled volunteers regularly have events to give back to the community.

Early April we agree our roles within the Crew along with a few pics by the very talented Sarah Fong! I'm tossing up between 'Wing Commander' cos it sounds cool and 'El Capitan' - We may also need costumes and a space ship but not sure we can fit that into our 2 hour window.